Employee Engagement Calculator

The Employee Engagement Calculator

Use this simple tool to see how much YOUR organization, department, or team may be losing to dysfunction, poor workplace relationships, inefficient leadership, staff disengagement, and other factors that impact your business culture and employee experience.

But remember, this is just the financial cost, and the true cost of dysfunction, disengagement, and conflict also includes;

  • Missed Opportunities
  • Higher Employee Absenteeism
  • Stress and/or Health Problems
  • Poor Teamwork
  • Wasted Time and Inefficiency
  • Low Morale
Number of Managers  
Average Manager Salary  
% Time lost dealing with Dysfunction & Conflict 1  
 Management Subtotal 
Non-Management Employees    
Number of Non-Management Employees  
Average Non-Management Employee Salary  
% Time lost to Dysfunction & Conflict 2  
 Employee Dysfunction & Conflict Subtotal 
Organizational Turnover Percentage  
% of Salary Cost to Replace Employee 3  
 Turnover & Replacement Subtotal 
Annual Cost    


Average salaries (Managers and Employees) taken from Bureau of Labor Statistics website

1 Employee Relations Today Winter 2014 - "managers spend 20 percent or more of their time dealing with conflict"

2 CPP Global Human Capital Report found employees spend 2.8 hrs each week dealing with conflict (approx 7% based on 40hr week)

3 SHRM 'Retaining Talent' Research Document - "replacement costs can reach as high as 50%-60% of an employee’s annual salary"