We've all read the various reports and whitepapers on the hundreds of billions of dollars that are lost each year to Employee Disengagement.

But while these astronomical numbers grab headlines and make us scratch our heads, what is really important is what it is costing you...

...or to look at it another way, how much could you potentially save by increasing levels of engagement?

So we created this handy little Employee Engagement Calculator that takes a few inputs about your organization and instantly gives you a figure.  You can email the results to yourself, your CFO, HR Director or whoever and download a PDF version also.

BP2W from OptimaWork While many factors impact levels of Engagement, in our opinion, the primary cause of disengagement is when there are poor workplace relationships which often leads to dysfunction, misunderstanding, low morale, conflict, and resignations. 

And although (sadly) there is No Magic Pill to Boost Employee Engagement, focusing on the relationships people have with their boss and immediate co-workers is a highly effective way to positively impact the culture of your workplace.

So give it a go, see what you may be losing to people problems....then vow to make a change and become a Better Place to Work.

Good luck with everything.